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Insightfully coaching studio

Coaching paths

Finding career fulfillment is just as complicated as you are. Insightfully offers a number of coaching paths to help you see what is possible, reframe your fears and resistance, and build your inspired future.


From our signature coaching path, GROW, to special programs designed to target specific needs, find the path that fits your goals and aspirations. 

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Coaching path 1


GROW is a personalized coaching path that allows you to combine individual coaching, self-directed learning experiences and group programmes into a unique coaching experience.

Other coaches may start with your resume. We start with you. Who are you? Where do you come from? What brought you here? We want to understand your voice, culture, identity and lived experience. 

What our members are saying...

Hear how this coaching path helped Kat engage her power and build a career that honored her identity and community as she navigated being one of "the first, the few, the only”.
Listen to Kat >
Choose your access level and start building that meaningful career where you belong and thrive.

Coaching path 2


PIVOT is an 8-week group coaching program that will help you build a toolkit for intentional change, restoring balance, rebuilding resilience, and pivoting towards a more fulfilled future at work. 

Initiate meaningful pivots and change

The personal is the professional.  Life is full of stress and major changes that can leave you feeling burnt out, uncertain, and misaligned in your work life. PIVOT is a transformational journey that will help you silence your doubts, find your balance, and build the spaciousness needed to thrive. 

Recharge and reclaim yourself

A series of conversations, workshops and group coaching sessions that will renew your sense of possibility. Our coaches share strategies and tactics to experience transformational freedom, impact, equity and more in your work life.


Remember your unique advantages

Decode the playbook of patterns that make up your unique advantages.  Our coaches will help you build a personalized strategy and toolkit for intentional change, a roadmap of powerful pivots, and a robust self-care plan.

Attend our webinar on Dec. 2 and get a head start.

Retore Rebuil Pivot
Women Who Build

Coaching path 3


BUILD is a 3-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to build work life balance. Individualized coaching covers up to 3 different business scenarios, exploring the design of a supportive work life infrastructure and the creation of a 2-year company strategy. 

What our members are saying...

Hear how this coaching path helped Steph clarify her vision for growth, identify new business opportunities and build a flexible business strategy.

Listen to Steph >


Spotlight on our coaches

Each month we spotlight members of our coaching team to give you a glimpse into the people that supercharge our work.




Lottie is a trauma-informed embodiment and breathwork practitioner whose work on grief and grieving makes space to release blocks, tensions, and holding in the body. She is also a member and collaborator of Poiesis: Trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapy, a small team of professionals implementing educational and health programs for the public on resourcing and emotional regulation through embodiment and expressive arts practices.




Sohini is a positive psychology leadership coach dedicated to social justice and anti-discriminatory practice. 

She draws on anti-oppressive and decolonial approaches to coaching and leadership to nurture individual and collective well-being. Sohini works with clients include corporates, third sector, and public services

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Meenadchi is a facilitator and somatic practitioner whose work centers meeting our best self and deepening into our collective light, through a blend of family constellation therapy and Non-Violent Communication. Meenadchi holds a clinical license in occupational therapy and has worked with gender-based violence, complex trauma, and serious mental illness. She is also the author of Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication (2019).

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