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Transform your work life with GROW, our signature coaching path. GROW offers different levels of access to an array of 1:1 coaching, masterclasses, group programs and coaching communities. 

Let us configure a coaching journey that helps you work with the qualities that make you interesting, original and unstoppable; so that you can turn them into your unique advantage. 


How it works

At its core, GROW unlocks your Business Case for Talent™, a comprehensive talent profile that describes how you create and drive value with and for others, identifying opportunities to further your career.

GROW Premium and GROW Unlimited also include masterclasses, short and long programs to supercharge your professional growth.


Step 1 


Step 2 


Step 3 


Step 4


You will get set up and familiarize with your personalized coaching studio.

You will complete a series of assessments, which will take at most 2 hours to finish.

You will receive your Business Case for Talent and an insight worksheet with coaching questions.

You will have a coaching session to start applying your business case to your work life .


case study


Alexandra's coaching path helped her change how she relates to her potential and motivated her to bet on herself. Hear how Insightfully helped her build her confidence and determination with her Business Case for Talent. 


What our
members say

"I had a chance to look over my Business Case for Talent. I am SO impressed and satisfied with everything you're able to assess about me, especially the "At Your Best" and "Stress Points" sections. This deck is going to help me immensely with applying to jobs and being able to measure my career growth over time. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over."

Amy, Operations Specialist

3 months access


Business case for your talent

A 360 degree profile, built through a deep discovery process and a series of online assessments. Focused and comprehensive, the business case for your talent is how we identify areas of opportunity to further your career.


Deep explorations on topics such as imposter syndrome, political agility and somatic awareness. Delivered via a series of engaging videos and complemented by optional 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Up to 2 hours of content. 

Short programs

Group coaching programs focus on developing critical tools to help you thrive at work. Up to 16 hours of instruction. 

Long programs

Group coaching programs focus on developing critical tools to help you thrive at work. Between 2 to 6 months and cohort based. 


Coaching communities unlock a variety of multimedia content and engagement formats built for deep learning, with the ultimate goal of unleashing your career potential.

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