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Transform your coaching through client-led journeys, rooted in social justice

If you’re a practising coach, you could benefit from our journey design. Our training course was created to help you integrate social justice into the foundation of your coaching relationships, with a view to convert more prospects into clients by targeting discovery and onboarding. We’ll show you how to design and present transformational client-led coaching journeys that honor the voice, identity and lived experience of your prospective clients.

We follow the C.E.P. model which stands for concepts, engagement, practice. Our hands-on training focuses on building competence in application. A critical review of concepts allows you to explore different points of view and integrate concepts into your coaching philosophy and worldview. Engagement is facilitated through the practice of self-reflection as well as group discussions. Practice is integrated through individual assignments and group work.


Coaching Across Difference 

Using an intersectional lens, we help you target your prospective client's blockages and effectively position your expertise within their vision for change, with a view to unlock their power and potential.

Our approach is rooted in your clients’ differences. and centers on identity, voice, culture and lived experience, facilitating critical inquiry of one's self-perception, self-efficacy, and self-confidence. We help you anchor the coaching relationship in transformational equity and build the transformative capacity to pivot, align and thrive through volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity.


Journey Design for Coaches 

Our Journey Design blueprint will help you build a more purposeful coaching journey. It’s designed as a framework to set the foundation for a transformational coach-client relationship. 


Insightfully Coaching Certification Program 

Our coaching certification program takes place over the course of a year, with a commitment of two Saturdays a month, broken down into three modules:

  1. Training module (5 months)You’ll be trained in the Insightfully coaching model via full-day and half-day virtual trainings and two in-person integration weekends 

  2. Supervision module (5 months)You’ll observe group and one-to-one coaching, coach together with an Insightfully coach, lead one-to-one coaching sessions, and receive feedback from an Insightfully coach

  3. Capstone module (3 months) You’ll explore your coaching toolkit and conduct a documented 50 hours of one-to-one sessions



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