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Design for 

Designed for qualified practitioners, this training program was created to supercharge your approach to discovery sessions, with a view to convert curious prospects into committed clients.


You'll learn to design and present transformational client-led coaching and healing experiences, and to show from the outset how you'll help people meet their future selves with compassion, resilience and purpose.


A practice rooted in "power with"

Create a coaching relationship that is anchored in the agency of your client, starting from the very first discovery call.  This program helps you effectively position your expertise within a client's vision for change, so they can power through their journey with your expert guidance.

A blueprint for tailored transformation

Design safe, powerful, transformational coaching experiences with our Journey Design blueprint - a framework which will set the foundation for a more purposeful coaching journey right from the outset. 

A tool to maximize your coaching practice

Use Journey Design to convert curious prospects into committed clients. by demonstrating your ability to affirm and amplify their agency and help them unlock the promise ahead.  

Anchor 1

Journey design sets the stage for both you and your prospective clients to flourish. 


Message from our Founder

Iyobosa "Bo" Irabor

Journey design is a practice that builds and facilitates the capacity to envision and align to inspired futures. It sets the stage for agency to flourish when challenged by the gap between present circumstances and the future desired for oneself. It is a practice with roots in positive psychology, education for liberation and somatic experiences of transformational equity and equality. 

Listen to Bo >


The Journey
Design Difference

Racial trauma was derailing my career. I couldn't articulate a future, let alone imagine the one that I have today. I went from being in debt, making 10 dollars an hour to a career as a copywriter with a six-figure income. My coach designed a journey that captured my soul's desire, put it into words and broke it down into manageable, achievable steps. I was scared out of my mind but for the first time in a long time I felt confident. I knew my coach understood the life I wanted to lead and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to heal my work life and flourish. 

Ariel, Freelance Copywriter 

Oct 28-Nov 18




Days left to enroll







Running in staggered weeks


EST/PST: wks 1-3

HKT: wks 2-4

+ optional post-training support ad hoc

Group Coaching 


1-1 sessions

Detailed Workbook


Delivered live online or on-demand 

Split across:

2 weekends

1 week

+ up to 5 hrs optional post-training support

Meet the Team

Training Experience

Virtual: Live / On Demand 

Opening the Circle

Foundations of Journey Design 

Saturday & Sunday 

  • Learn the foundational concepts and skills on which Journey Design is built. 

  • Get access to a toolkit of strategies, tactics and tools to use with prospective clients.

  • Understand how to use journey design to build a client relationship that helps you unlock the right shifts in their self-perception. 

First Weekend

1-1 sessions

Individual  work 

Monday through Friday

  • Integrate new concepts. 

  • Practice newly gained skills. 

  • Complete individual assignments. 

  • Access support as needed. 

Week One

Designing Transformation

Closing the Circle 

Saturday & Sunday 

  • Learn how to create and share journey designs with prospective clients.  

  • Get access to templates, checklists and scripts to use with prospective clients. 

  • By the end you will have a toolkit to co-design safe, powerful, transformational journeys. 

Second Weekend

Communicating for Client Momentum

Note: limited slots*

Nov 20 to Feb 20

  • Learn how to create a positive dynamic, regardless of your client's communication style or follow-through archetype.

  • Access ongoing support post training until February 20. 

* Enroll by Oct 1 to secure access***

Post-training support

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if I am ready for this coaching experience?
    This experience is right for you if you are able to commit to setting aside at least 1 hr a day to focus on self care, wellbeing and wellness.
  • What is the difference between a session and a workshop?
    Sessions build awareness and understanding of strategies, tactics and tools, which are then integrated for use through workshops.
  • What happens if I miss a live session or workshop?
    All sessions and workshops will be recorded. Participants will receive a notification when recorded sessions and workshops are ready to view.

Choose how you want to pay



One Time Payment

No deposit necessary

Payment Plan

non-refundable deposit of $150   

 2 monthly payments of $875

Get in touch


1309 Coffeen Ave, Ste. 4659

Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801

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