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The personal is the professional

Compartmentalising yourself into a private personality and a professional one is something we all do to some extent. But Insightfully is here to show you that the more authentic you can be as a professional, the more powerful you will feel. Our approach brings together individual coaching, self-directed learning experiences, and group programs, tailored to you.   

Start a learning journey

We’ve developed three coaching paths designed to transform your relationship with power, purpose, and potential.

  1. Grow This is for members looking for a breakthrough to grow and advance their career. Join and start building your personalized coaching experience. Grow combines individualized coaching, masterclasses, coaching programs, and communities based on your needs, challenges, and aspirations. Other coaches may start with your resume. We start with you. Who are you? Where do you come from? What brought you here? We want to understand your voice, culture, identity and lived experience. 

  2. Pivot This is an eight-week group coaching program for members who need to recharge and refuel in order to move forward with their career. We help you build the toolkit you need for what comes next. Pivot helps you restore balance, rebuild resilience, and pivot towards a more fulfilled future at work in three ways:

-Initiate meaningful pivots and change​: Life is full of stress and major changes that can leave you feeling burnt out, uncertain, and misaligned in your work life. We help you silence your doubts, find your balance, and build the space you need to thrive. 

-Recharge and reclaim yourself​: A series of conversations, workshops and group coaching sessions that will renew your sense of possibility. Our coaches share strategies and tactics to build transformational freedom, impact, equity and more into your work life.

-Remember your unique advantages​: Helping you decode the patterns that make up your unique advantages.  Our coaches will work with you to build a personalized strategy and toolkit for intentional change, a roadmap of powerful pivots, and a robust self-care plan.

3. Build A three-month one-to-one coaching program created to help entrepreneurs focus on strategy, revenue planning and operations. Build is perfect for members who want to build work life balance. Our individualized coaching covers up to three different business scenarios, exploring the design of a supportive work life infrastructure and the creation of a two-year company strategy.



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