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Our philosophy starts with you

Without my first client Stella, Insightfully wouldn't exist. Working with her solidified our coaching philosophy: 

The personal is the professional

Whether we're conscious of it or not, every day we bring our whole selves to work. That inner child is always going to show up, so it’s important to find a space where you can look deeply at yourself and understand what needs to change. Finding happiness and transforming your professional life is only possible when you change how you relate to power, purpose, and potential. 

I used to refer to this as "depth work": the work you need to do to stay anchored in your power, shape a professional ecosystem that supports your vision, and build a resilient sense of purpose. These are the building blocks of career acceleration.

Over and over again I’ve found that embracing one’s authentic self is a powerful catalyst. We receive so many messages that challenge the way we see ourselves and cause us to doubt how we’re perceived. The consequences are lower salaries, slower career advancement, and difficult workplace relationships. For this reason, your journey with Insightfully won’t start with your CV but with a deep dive into your

whole self. 

I created Insightfully to help people just like you step away from the noise and find answers to the questions that matter:

● How can I build a fulfilling career?

● How can I align advancement with my vision and values?

● How can I build a career that contributes to my sense of wellbeing?

Stella's learning journey provided a safe and nourishing space to strategize, plan and reflect on her career journey. She tapped into the power of her authentic self to bravely explore the unconscious connections she made between setbacks in her career and the experience of belonging to a community with a history of forced migration. Together, we built a feeling of safety and made it easier for her to explore new ways of belonging. As a result, she has built a successful career as an impact investor.

Like Stella many come to Insightfully with a specific output in mind – a promotion, a new career, returning to work after maternity leave, a new job. This more often than not has required going "behind the scenes" to explore links between external challenges and internal obstacles. 

Let’s look at a few goals:

  • A new job: the external challenge is being undervalued, while the internal obstacle is your inner critic that prevents you from self-advocating

  • A leadership role: the external challenge is being among the "first, few, and only", while the internal obstacle is unequal partnerships that cause you to overextend yourself

  • A promotion: external challenge is a hostile work environment while the internal obstacle is an unwillingness to set boundaries and act in your self interest

The personal is the professional

This is why personalization is such an important part of Insightfully’s model. We don't start with your resumé, expectations and goals, we start with you. Who are you? Where do you come from? What brought you here? We want to understand your voice, culture, identity, and life experience. The family and community that raised you. The values you hold dear.

Tapping into the power of your authentic self is the first step toward finding the path that’s right for you. At Insightfully, we offer a coaching experience that champions and challenges you, as well as holding you accountable to your aspirations and to your visions.

Listen to our incredible members’ journeys 



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