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Hi Priya

Welcome to your personal coaching studio. 
This is your space to start the revolution in you. 

Your Coaching Path




Your plan unlocks the Business Case for Your Talent™, a focused and comprehensive talent profile that describes how you create and drive value with and for others, identifying opportunities to further your career. Your online coaching studio will be active for 3 months, which gives you plenty of time to complete your coaching path.

To get started, watch our welcome video.


Your Key Resources


Coaching path agreement (approx. 30 mins to complete)

Discovery questionnaire (approx. 1 hr to complete)

Online assessment (approx. 30 mins to complete)

Business Case for Your Talent

Your Team


Career Coach: 
Jae Rama 
Schedule a coaching session 

Coaching Path Snapshot









This first step is all about you familiarizing with your coaching path and signing your coaching path agreement.

To be completed 
within 2 weeks.

Welcome Video > 

Discovery helps us get an understanding of who you are and your career journey. It includes a Discovery Video Questionnaire and an Online Assessment.  

To be completed 
within 4 weeks.

Discovery questionnaire
Online assessment > 

In this step we use the input from the discovery stage to create your Business Case For Talent. It takes us about 2 weeks to complete, and we'll notify you when it's ready.

To be completed 
within 2 weeks.

Business Case For Talent > 

Once your Business Case For Talentis ready, you can schedule a session with your coach to go through the report and help you integrate it into your work life.

To be completed 
within 4 weeks.


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