Transform Ambition into Tangible Results

You have the ambition. Now you need an agenda and a plan to navigate and negotiate the leadership phase of your career. It’s time to explore how your management and leadership styles create value; uncover the drivers of authentic action and building blocks of success particular to you. Whether your aim is to land a management position or you need space to craft and reflect on your leadership agenda, Women Who Lead  can help you achieve more than you know to be possible. 


Client Testimonial:

Working with Iyo has provided comprehensive insight into how I can strategically align my values, strengths, and career successes in order to accelerate my career with whole-hearted intention. What I like best is the amount of detail and preparation Iyo provides in regards to the weekly activities, career diaries, questionnaires, and the analysis of both my written and over the phone working sessions. Iyo, is incredibly talented in helping propel not only my career but my whole self and after only 3 weeks of working together I have capitalized and seen results! Fast forward 6 months and the results keep rolling in - a promotion from the regional to the global team and a 24% pay increase. I highly recommend working with Iyo to support your career developments and aspirations…it’s an amazingly rewarding journey.  



How It Works

Women Who Lead offers a high level of personalized support that combines 1-to-1 sessions, tailored exercises, research and feedback via email. The engagement is tailored to your needs and goals based on your discovery session and first session. The sequence for a typical engagement is detailed below:

Step 1:  Schedule your free discovery session 

Step 2: During your discovery session we explore your career, my approach and our fit. We craft a baseline plan of action.  

Step 3: Payment, schedule first session, review engagement agenda.

Step 4: Execute engagement agenda

Step 5: Final session - review experience and lessons learned



BIANCA S., FOunder + Creative Strategist

Working with Iyo was transformative. I developed an expansive set of tools that have not only helped me to build my business but will help me sustain my legacy.  Iyo enabled me to see opportunities where I had ignored them. She helped me build habits that enabled me to see and manage my power. She helped me identify means and methods to translate my zone of genius into an agenda for action. In my time working with Iyo there were too many moments when her strategic mindset, attention to detail, professionalism and listening transformed my understanding of what is possible.  Iyo created a space for me to engage with my power. Now the vision that I am building toward feels authentic, real and invigorating. I’m so grateful for our work together and how she held space for me.

Leniece F., CEO + Entrepreneur

Last year, I terminated a six-figure client. Ethically it was the right thing to do, but financially I took a hit. Juggling motherhood and career made me realize I could no longer operate in the way I had historically. Time is my most precious, fleeting asset. I needed to create clear structures in order for work and family to coexist sustainably so I invested in Insightfully to help me shift the way I lead. I told myself I never wanted to be in a position where my values were compromised again. Iyo helped me expand my thinking about business development and client management. She coached me on how to target my ideal client, test their alignment with my values and convert engagements into long-term client relationships. I now ensure on the front end that clients are clear on our values and approach and are ready to unpack the experiences and biases they bring to the table. These conversations are rarely easy, but they are crucial.

Is this for me?

This is for you if you...

  • want to transition to or grow more fully into the leadership phase of your career

  • want to find and leverage your zone of genius

  • want to increase your visibility in the workplace or in your industry

  • want to understand the leadership cultures that fit best with you

  • want to develop a strategy to land a values-aligned leadership opportunity

  • are open to being fiercely championed, nurtured, and supported

  • are willing to do the work