Build an
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Great journeys are defined by transformation. 

What happens when purpose meets action; opportunities meet access; change meets impact? You gain the insights, resources, mentors, sponsors, visibility, etc. to accelerate and advance your career.

Today, change meets impact.

Hi, I'm Iyo - Founder of Insightfully. If you are ready to build what comes next in your career or business, our meeting isn't by chance. A strategist, I hold space for women - like you - who are ready to grow in their careers. Women who see their talent as an opportunity. Women who are past paying their dues. Women who are ready to move beyond workplace politics and imposter syndrome to build opportunity driven careers fueled by their strengths.

I believe every woman can build
a career that affirms her true self. 


This is my mission -  my commitment - my promise to you. Insightfully was built to serve your ambitions, to resource your vision, and to fortify your resilience. I like to think of it as paving the way for excellence. My clients like to call it  - “being poured into”. Together we’ve discovered its power -  its ability to shift what’s possible.   My clients asked for more and got more, had roles created specifically for them, and pivoted to unlock opportunities (along with some pretty impressive salary increases).

Let's build, together.

Every aspect of Insightfully aims to help you gain the mindset, strategies and skills to influence and shape your professional ecosystem in ways that facilitate the realization of your career vision.  The Insightfully approach is grounded in research:  studies on the resilience factors of women in STEM, 16 months of user research with women in tech and tech adjacent fields, and the psychology of potential. 



Let's Pivot

A Strengths-Based Approach to Career Building


Pivot will help you probe and explore your career vision and the commitments (from you and others) needed to realize it. You will get daily prompts - strengths building sprints, career management tips, thought-provoking questions - delivered to your email inbox free for 14 days. Explore your instincts and potential, try Pivot today!

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Anita B., Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Iyo helped me to realize and capitalize on my strengths and helped to fortify my mindset for making a big career change. Being a woman of color, I found myself validating the negative feedback ... as if I really didn't belong or match the needed experience for my career change. However, with Iyo's help, I realized that my vast diversity of experience WAS an ASSET that was NEEDED for the new career field that I was seeking to enter. This tenacity helped me to keep chugging along in the search, finally finding a dream role. It also gave me the strength to not just jump and bend over backwards for the new career opportunity ... However, I made THEM bend over backwards to hire me, negotiating 20% more than what they originally offered me. I knew I was worth more and had the ... confidence to achieve what I was worth.


Arlene M., Global Business Development Manager

Working with Iyo provided comprehensive insight into how I can strategically align my values, strengths, and career successes in order to accelerate my career with whole-hearted intention… Iyo, is incredibly talented …I have capitalized and seen results! Fast forward 6 months and the results keep rolling in - a promotion from the regional to the global team and a 24% pay increase. I highly recommend working with Iyo to support your career development and aspirations…it’s an amazingly rewarding journey.