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Welcome to your personal coaching studio 
This is your space to start the revolution in you. 

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Your plan includes access to all group coaching programs, masterclasses and the Business Case for Your Talent™, masterclasses, all group coaching programs and a community. Need help building your configuration? Reach out to your coaching assistant Xena Mae.


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Jae Rama 
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Nina Lour 
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Business Case for Your Talent

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Business Case for Your Talent™

Coaching for professionals who want to apply a strengths-based approach to career building. 

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Neodiversity at Work

This masterclass explores neurodiversity and the unique ways in which our brain patterns inform the practices that shape our work lives. 

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Intentional Career Building

A 1-day coaching program for professionals looking to decode career advancement. Turn career building into a habit.

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Trauma Informed Collaboration

A 3 month program that explores work life through the lens of safety, choice, collaboration and empowerment in response to stressors, strains and shocks.


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