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Business Case
for Your Talent



Your talent is an opportunity. Justifying this to others (so that they invest in you) is a bit more difficult. Truth is, you aren’t the only woman who finds it difficult to describe her value and impact. Many women often lack the words. Or we have the words but struggle with being strategic and persuasive when opportunities arise to position and leverage our value for career advancement. You and I both know that there will be many moments in your career when communicating your value will make the difference between success and failure. 

The Business Case for Your Talent can help tip the scales in your favor. 

Delivered as a slide deck and audio recording, the Business Case for Your Talent is a 360 degree profile of how you co-create and drive value. Think of it as a strengths-based approach to your career that's tailored to you. The profile:

  • concisely communicates your value add

  • explains how you co-create value at four different levels

  • explains how you drive value in the workplace

  • describes you “at your best” in the workplace

  • identifies stress points to guard against

  • includes tips and suggestions on how to use the profile to build and manage your career

The accuracy of my business case floors me every time I read it.
— Bianca S., Founder + Creative Strategist

How It Works

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1. Business Case

We explore the tensions, challenges and questions that you are coming up against in your career or workplace.


2. Assessments

You take a few assessments which require no more than an hour of your time. I will analyze these assessments to give you...

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3. Insights

You will receive a comprehensive profile of the positive potential of your behavior patterns and preferences. Plus, you will receive coaching notes focused on helping you build your career from a position of strength.


4. Integrations

We have a 60-minute feedback / Q&A session to review and integrate the Business Case for Your Talent into your career strategy and how to identity the resources (people, opportunities, etc) that will build with you at your best.



CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: AMY N., OPerations Specialist

I had a chance to look over my Business Case for Talent. I am SO impressed and satisfied with everything you're able to assess about me, especially the "At Your Best" and "Stress Points" sections. This deck is going to help me immensely with applying to jobs and being able to measure my career growth over time. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Alexandra K., Product Designer

I discovered Iyo in the comments section of a facebook group — Women in Product. Within my first session I felt immediately connected with Iyo; she quickly grasped the unspoken challenges I’ve faced throughout my education and career as a women of color. My Business Case for Talent dramatically shifted my perspective on how I interpret my unique value. I thought I knew myself when I started my Business Case for Talent, Iyo has guided me to take leaps of faith that I didn’t realize were possible. It was the roadmap that provided me context to ground my decision making.


Iyo was the perfect guide through my thoughts and feelings, asking so many significant questions that I never would not have thought to ask myself otherwise… She drew such accurate insights … following that up with the perfect thought-provoking question to prod me in the right direction to explore my instincts and potential.


Is this service right for you?

Which of the following statements best describe you:

  • I want to effectively communicate my value in various situations

  • I want to get more value out of my professional network

  • I want to build a career that is fueled by and fuels my strengths

  • I want to craft my professional identity for advancement

  • I want to build my professional reputation

  • I want to manage my career strategically

If you’ve said "yes" to any of the statements above, the Business Case for Your Talent will be an invaluable resource.